Mulgowie Farming

We strive to innovate and incorporate sustainability criteria into our products in a number of ways, from farming practices to packaging. In doing so, we have found ways to significantly improve our sustainability without asking our customers to make trade-offs in quality or value.

Some of our achievements to date

  • Improving soil health through the adoption of controlled traffic with GPS technology and minimum tillage.
  • Adoption of efficient irrigation systems to preserve our valuable water resources.
  • We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.
  • We are reducing packaging with over 45% of the produce that leaves our farms packaged in returnable packaging.
  • We are Reef Guardians as a result of our active participation in the Reef Rescue Program on our North Queensland farms and adopted improved methods to ensure our farms do not affect the Great Barrier Reef.
  • We have recycling programs for our green waste through composting, cardboards and plastics.
  • We have adopted the Environmental Management Practices under Enviro Veg and were awarded the inaugural Ausveg Excellence Award for Environmental Management in 2011.


Plastic Recycling

  • All product packaging used by Mulgowie Farming Company can be recycled through either local council recycling programmes or in the case of our products that come in printed film, you may recycle them through REDCycle (