How we grow our produce
Mulgowie Farming

Mulgowie are recognised domestically and internationally as best practice farmers in today’s agricultural world. It is incredible to imagine that an Australian owned, family business operating in Australia’s harsh and unpredictable climate could have developed such an important national supply chain for its fresh produce categories, but we have and we are proud of it.

This success is a direct result of generations of hard work by countless people who work to produce quality, fresh produce in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.

Our four key drivers today and everyday are:

  • Customer Expectations - Today, our customers are more knowledgeable and demand only the best, so that’s what we deliver.
  • Environmental Concerns - Today, people are concerned about the environment. Environment protection laws are stringent, and we operate over and above these laws.
  • Technology - With development in technology, various methods for fresh produce packing and other food related activities have emerged. We use these methods to provide safer and higher quality food to our customers.
  • Regulatory Requirements - As food is a critical element of life, the regulatory agencies combined with our world class standards, ensure we have in place the most stringent requirements for its safety and quality.